Wholesale Prescription Drugs - Free Price-check on Your Medicine.
Serious Advice.  Serious Medicine.  Serious Safety.
Faceless anonymous drug websites scare you away?
They should!  They scare us too.  Know what you are getting? Where is it coming from? Talk to human beings. Be knowledgeable before you buy.
It's very simple!  Call 314 628-8377   (314-MATTERS)
Our passion is saving you 66%-83% on prescription medications.  That's it!  We ask the questions that need to be asked to do just that.
You can't get that personal service at a website.  So we don't do business online.  Call us right away.  It's FREE!.  We don't try to SELL you anything.  We just want to TELL you where to go.
We are a free Price-check service on your maintenance medications.
We take a minute to ask you if you've taken all the right steps to know where to get the best prices on medicine.  No online Website scam!  
  Here is what Lisa Nesler Registered Nurse  BSN  MSCN says about us:
“Vince and his company, Wholesale Prescription Drugs has been a Godsend to our patient population, and their families.  They now have a much more affordable way to obtain prescription medications that are not otherwise covered by insurance, or in instances where their co-pays or co-insurance coverage are cost prohibitive.  Our patients have been happy with the consistency, quality and reliability of the medications they have received through Wholesale Prescription Drugs.  The process for obtaining both new prescriptions and refills is streamlined, making it very easy for patients and physician offices to use this service on a regular basis.”

If you've done your homework, we confirm it to you and thank you for calling us.  If there are better options available, we tell you about it. 
Our wholesale distribution sources can save you hundreds sometimes thousands per year.  We've done it for 1500 clients. 8 years experience.
You have nothing to lose, and lots to gain, by calling 314 628-8377 (314-MATTERS).  We have clients all over the USA.  Fax 314-628-9698.
Ask about our Free Checklist Before Buying Drugs, and our "$99/90 days"
list of a dozen popular medications. Doctors are our main referral source.
Our doctors buy from us for themselves, and have told us where they want us to source their medications.  All medicines are source approved.

John H says "Vince, you've saved me over $3000 the past year or two!"

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